About Us


mortal, to our lovely home. It's (still, really) not quite finished, but fear not, these things will all come to pass.


We are a conglomeration of individuals who don't always use big words. We are more of a community, with creaking metal gates. We have a presence, everywhere. By everywhere, I mean in a small corner of Youtube/Twitch we've dug out. You can follow us to view various projects being enacted, typically involving computers and games, or stalk us on Twitter to hear an occasional trembling wimper of insight or stupidity.


Like many communities, we exist so we can exist. Rather than stew in our own individual wastes, we do that together. At the moment, we aren't really looking to allow the masses to play in our filth, you sick freaks, but stalking us is a great way to see about getting in. Maybe in the future, we'll consider opening ourselves up more, but for now patience is your ally.


Quite well, thank you.


Little cherubic angels, flitting about the country side. Or a bunch of full-grown men playing with toy blocks, your pick.


The "Where" doesn't really matter; We as a group as spread all over this rock, and you'll never catch us, Haha!


We exist within a temporal paradox, omnipresent but blind.


Long ago, somewhere in the wasteland of late 2011, an ecclectic group of aspiring adjectives joined together in a mighty competiton. Alas, this battle was cut short when the very world they fought in became corrupt! This intrepid group did not give up, though; with the sheer power of their minds, they created a new world, and began to shape it.
It was a glorious era, though flawed. The settlements became splintered, spread far and wide. Soon after, a catyclismic event occured: Notch changed terrain generation. Worn and defeated, the weary mercenaries departed this once grand land, in search of a new home. "Lo! What is that on the horizon", a voice cried. This muttering was soon followed by a quick *shank*. Walking right over this corpse, a new home was found. And it was known as Madhouse, and it was good.
Well... it really wasn't known as Madhouse 'til about 10 minutes before we recorded "that" video you may have saw in "that" place. Y'know, the one were... naw, you might as well just go watch it. Go on, scram.


Damnit, that never works. Anyways, This server was founded after a group of individuals from the Mindcrack IRC decided to play a doomed Race For The Wool match, and upon the map getting corrupted, messed around in a freshly generated world. We're actually on our second map now, but no one talks about the old one.


We don't really have a strict ruleset, just common sense: stuff like don't be a dick, don't steal, don't censor, all that jazz.


At the moment we're not accepting new members, aside from the occasional special case (IE, someone on here knows you in person). If you really want to get on, I recommend following our LP'ers (they're the names on the side under "Members")... they'll likely be the ones announcing that sort of stuff.
Still want to help? As soon as I spend the 5 minutes necessary to make the form, there'll be a donation button right here. Every cent will go to maintaining or expanding the server, and this site here. Understand that donations, no matter the size, will NOT give you access to the server. If it comes down to choosing members, we'll be looking more at what you could bring to the server, not the size of your wallet.



Donations are greatly appreciated and help the Madhouse run servers, community events and also giveaways. Any amount helps and can be donated by using the widget below.