IGN: DemonSlayer98

Alternate IGN's: EA

Age: 15

From: NZ

Favorite Games: Minecraft, Tetris, AoE II and III, Portal 2, and Left 4 Dead 2

Other Hobbies: Programming, Electronic Music Production, Writing

Bio: Considering my age, I was born in to the generation that is obsessed with video games. My first video game was Jak II for the PS2 (my favorite console to date). I also played a bunch of RTS games for the PC, such as Age of Empires II. I also had a few older games, such as Majesty, and Myst Masterpiece Edition. These games paved the way for my enjoyment of old video games, but I very much I enjoy the more recent games. I have no specific genres I dislike, but some definately outshine others.








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