IGN: Fallaron

Alternate IGN's: Fal

Age: 36

From: Switzerland, EU

Favorite Games: Minecraft, AC Series and similar, Shooter Type things, 4X

Other Hobbies: Theater, Reading good books

Bio: The first computer I ever played on was an Amstrad CPC, I remember a game called Vermeer and many others. After that I graduated to an Amiga 500 and finally to PC. Used to play some console games, too, but somehow those never took me in as much as the PC did. I played so many games over the years, if I tried to list them all, this would never end. One that definitely stands out though was World of Warcraft. After four years of playing it with increasing intensity I finally realized the extent of my addiction to it and stopped playing from one day to the other. A few years later, Minecraft arrived... and that was that.



YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/fallaron

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/fallaron

Twitter: http://twitter.com/fallaronlp




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