The Asylum

What is the Madhouse Asylum?

The Madhouse Asylum is a group of gamers formed by the Madhouse Gamers in early 2014 to give their fans and friends a gaming community to be a part of. While they are not a part of the main Madhouse crew, the Madhouse encourages collaboration and believes in having friends from all over to enjoy games with. Although we run various Minecraft servers for the members, the idea is to enjoy all kinds of games!


How do I join the Madhouse Asylum?

Entry into the Madhouse Asylum is strictly invite only. This is to ensure we have a good mature group without high levels of moderation. If you would like to join this group, it is best to watch for videos from the various Madhouse YouTubers (TibTuner04 mainly) as there may be contests or other entry methods. Some of the Asylum members may also put out invites to friends or gamers they think would be a nice addition to the group. 


Or you can just fill out this form ;)


Donations are greatly appreciated and help the Madhouse run servers, community events and also giveaways. Any amount helps and can be donated by using the widget below.